Why Sandwich Paper is Better Than Plastic Wrap

Sandwich paper is increasingly being substituted for plastic wrap in food packing particularly in the packing of lunch portions. Indeed several benefits are attached to this innovative product; this is why more people are adopting this green solution. 

Over the years, plastic wrap has been a favorite when it comes to wrapping sandwiches and preserving them, however, with it comes numerous demerits. It pollutes the environment, thus is not breathable, and handling turns out to be very irritating making it a less favored option. 

Nonetheless, sandwich paper is a green, porous material. That can be helpful in the process of plating and also useful in presenting the creations in the best possible way. 

Sustainability and Biodegradability

Among the few negatives attributable to plastic wrap, one of the major detriments one could note is the effect on the environment. Therefore, plastic is hazardous and takes hundreds of years to degrade. Thus accumulating and polluting the environment and seas, toxic to animals and aquatic life. Sandwich paper however which is paper-based or based on plant products is therefore environmentally friendly. It is also worth mentioning that many varieties of sandwich paper are also recyclable and thus safe for disposal.

Versatility and Customization

The custom printed sandwich paper can be of different types and each of them has certain characteristics. While wax paper is water resistant and especially useful in the kitchen when used in contact with hot dishes. Parchment paper is heat resistant and can similarly be used for the same; butcher paper, on the other hand, is rather durable and can well absorb grease. It also enables you to select the appropriate paper to use depending on the requirement. That is preparing a sandwich, cooking in the oven, or packing meats.

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In addition, it can be ordered with company logos, designs, or patterns. Therefore can be used as an effective branding tool for sandwich papers. Food handlers such as fast foods, restaurants, bakeries, and other food-selling businesses can use customized sandwich paper to provide their customer with such packaging medium.

Easy Manhandling

Hence, the custom printed wax paper is relatively easier to use compared to plastic wrap. Unlike many other materials, it does not cling to itself or the food portions. This makes it easier to work with. The paper can still be bent, crunched, or tied to cover the sandwiches and other food items tightly. Also, sandwich paper comes in a variety of sizes thus the user may need to cut it according to his or her requirements.

Microwave and Oven Safety

Properly known as processed lunch bags, many forms of sandwich paper are capable of being used in the microwave or oven. Because of this, they are perfect for warming up foods that were cooked earlier or goodies that require to be baked in the oven. Some of the sandwich papers, specifically parchment paper, are heat-resistant hence will help in heating of the food in a safe and even manner.

Absorbent Qualities

Butcher paper is an example of a sandwich paper with good absorbent capabilities. This makes them suitable to wrap meats or any other food that may release some juices. As it acts as a barrier to the juices thereby avoiding the mixing of the juices with the other foods. Sandwich papers are special because they are very absorbent. Hence they help retain the quality of the food and the texture as well.

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Presentation and Crafting

This paper may be used to prepare and serve food appealingly; otherwise, it is used solely for functionality. Just think and extend how wonderful it must feel to bite into a sandwich or a pastry delicately wrapped in paper or a napkin. This attention to detail could increase the general experience of eating out as well as make your food unique.

Furthermore, custom sandwich wrap paper is also reusable for other craft or activity projects at home. They include but are not limited to drawing or painting by children and making homemade greeting cards, among others. Its composition is not limited to food products only, and it is also used in other creative-related areas.


Therefore, sandwich paper is preferable to plastic wrap for packing lunch and food products. Ecologically friendly, rather comfortable to use, suitable in a vast range of settings. Rather popular because of its simple functionality, it is a worthy contender to think of when considering your next steps. Therefore, if you opt for sandwich paper, you will be environmentally friendly. Your food will retain its freshness longer and most importantly your meals carry a little style. Hence, for these many benefits, make the change to sandwich paper today!


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