Which things to expect in the recovery period after hair transplantation?

The recovery period after hair transplantation is not only the crucial period but it is the most difficult period as well. It can be because of many factors. But the doctors who perform the hair transplant in Kakinada are of the view that the recovery period will not appear difficult to us if we follow the precautionary measures. It may take more than 8 months for the recovery period to show the desired results. Thus we can surely say that the hair transplant cost in India does not merely include the money but it surely includes the total number of efforts and the patience.

What should we expect from the surgery?

We should expect the relevant outcomes from the surgery. It totally does not matter whether we are talking about the FUE or DHI method, we shall still notice many of the transient symptoms in both the back and the sides of the scalp.

It is expected that you should patiently wait for the results to show up. 

Is it normal to experience the side effects after the hair transplant?

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It is very normal for the patients to experience the side effects after the hair transplant in both the following areas:

  • Donor Area
  • Transplanted Area

Which are the most common side effects of the treatment?

The most common side effects of the hair transplant are as follow:

  • The transplanted region may experience redness
  • The face and the eyes may appear to be swollen
  • You are required to clean the transplant site two weeks after the surgery
  • For some period, you may experience pimples in the transplanted area, which will go and fade on their own.

Which instructions should we follow after the hair transplantation procedure?

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Here are some of the general tips and guidelines which we need to follow after the hair transplantation procedure:

  • Smoking should be avoided in the first month.
  • You should not have sex for the first seven days.
  • Alcohol should be completely prohibited. If we do not prohibit this, then there are high chances that we end up making the hair transplant a failed procedure.
  • Please do not make use of the dryer until the hair gets nicely restored in the bald region.

Does the redness on the scalp stay forever?

No, not at all. But yes, it is completely normal for your scalp to get discolored after the hair transplantation procedure.

People who are having light skin may suffer from prolonged redness. In case, the discoloration stays for a period of more than 1 month, then you need to consult the cosmetic surgeon who has performed the surgical procedure.

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