Understanding Permanent Residency in Canada: A Guide for Pakistani Nationals

If making a permanent stay in Canada is what you are thinking of, then permanent residency will be important for attaining that dream. Hence, this guide tries to provide Pakistani nationals like you with an all-inclusive insight into the process, requirements, benefits, and other vital considerations related to obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

What is Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency allows one to remain, work, and study anywhere in Canada as long as one pleases. It is a step toward attaining Canadian citizenship and comes with very many social benefits, among them access to health care and social services.

Why Choose Canada for Permanent Residency?

Quality of life, excellent healthcare and education systems, the diversity of cultures, and a robust economy set Canada apart. This makes the country very attractive for people either to relocate or resettle to these countries in search of opportunities and a better life.

Advantages of Permanent Residency in Canada

There are several advantages associated with getting PR in Canada. These include the following:

  • Right of Living and Working: You can live and work anywhere in Canada.
  • Healthcare access: A PR is entitled to Canada’s universal healthcare system.
  • Educational Offers: The PR status qualifies for subsidized education and awards for individual students.
  • Social Benefits: PR holders may sponsor family members who are: spouses, partners, or dependent children, with PR status.
  • Pathway To Citizenship: PR status attains as a route to Canadian citizenship, which offers additional rights and some privileges.

How to Apply for Permanent Residency

Choose the Right Immigration Program

There are many ways in which Canada provides permanent residency. Some of these include:

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  • Express Entry: This is for skilled workers and professionals.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: Under this program, provinces, as well as territories, can nominate persons who have expressed interest in settling in a certain province.
  • Sponsorship: Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor close family members to become permanent residents.
  • Business Immigration: The business immigration class comprises investors and self-employed people, thus addressing individuals who have managerial and business experience and want to start a business or invest in Canada.

Meet Eligibility Criteria

Each Canada immigration program further has eligibility criteria linked with age, relevant education, work experience, language proficiency, either English or French and adaptability factors. It is seen that the candidate satisfies these eligibility factors to make a successful PR application.

Gather Required Documents

All documents necessary for the Canada immigrant visa applications, including proof of identification, educational certificates and work experience, language test results, police certificates, and medical examinations, among others, must be gathered.

Submit Your Application

Take a little time to apply online for your PR application on the IRCC website. Make sure that you confirm the deadline, fee, and other requirements related to your intended immigration program have been met well for smooth transactions.

Key Considerations for Pakistani Applicants

Language Proficiency

Most programs of immigration require proficiency in either English or French. Make sure to take language tests early and try to meet the desired scores.

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Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

Your CRS score is what places you in the Express Entry pool of candidates. Better your qualifications, work experience, language, and other factors to improve your score.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Most of the provinces in Canada, except a few, have certain PNPs tailored towards meeting their needs, whether economic or demographic. Research the PNPs most suitable for your skills and work experience to increase your chances of getting a PR application.

Q: How long does it take to get permanent residency in Canada?

A: Processing times fluctuate depending on the immigration program and individual conditions. For the most part, it can take a while to more than a year to get a choice on your PR application.

Q: Could I at any point apply for citizenship after obtaining permanent residency?

A: Indeed, you can apply for Canadian citizenship after meeting explicit residency requirements as a PR holder.

Q: Might my family at any point join me in Canada assuming I have permanent residency?

A: Indeed, PR holders can support qualified relatives, including companions, accomplices, subordinate youngsters, guardians, and grandparents, to join them in Canada.

Q: Do I want a bid for employment to apply for permanent residency in Canada?

Sometimes a legitimate bid for employment can increase your CRS score in the Express Section, it isn’t generally important to have one to apply for permanent residency.


Although the pathway to permanent residency in Canada may be complex, proper preparation, knowledge of the requirements of a case, and strategic planning could significantly enhance the possibilities of success. Skilled immigration is warmly welcomed in Canada, and it offers many pathways to permanent residence—hence why it is the most preferred destination for Pakistani nationals targeting new opportunities and a better future.

Be it through the Express Entry Canada system, Provincial Nominee Programs, or family sponsorship, this initial step toward permanent residency in Canada can be the opening to one of the most rewarding chapters in your life.


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