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Top 5 Prestigious Schools In Japan That Focus On Child’s Development

If you are on a quest to find a prestigious school in Japan, you wouldn’t be disappointed. There are plethoras of IB schools that offer international standard education to students. Japan consistently ranks higher in the countries with the best education system, with a long list of public and private schools. If you also have school-going kids, you can get the curriculum and facilities you want in your budget. 

The real challenge that parents face is, narrowing the choices and finalising one school that is best for their children. Every school claims to be the best and has a great online image! It will take thorough research and a lot of effort to select one school. If it sounds like a daunting task to you, here is a list of schools that you can finalise for your child. 

5 Prestigious Schools In Japan

The Global Indian International School

GIIS is a multi-award-winning school with branches in more than seven countries across the globe. They have set a benchmark of quality education with their exclusive 9 GEMS learning methodology. With this concept, they focus on the overall development of children and give them a broad horizon to evolve and excel in life. Your child will get all the facilities and every possible amenity to explore their opportunities and achieve big. As a result, their students have been doing excellent in academics and other co-curricular fields.

Tokyo International School

Tokyo international is amongst the top 5 schools in Japan that focus on holistic learning. They have internationally acclaimed curriculum standards and result-oriented teaching methodologies. It ensures that the students learn through a practical approach and understand the concepts rather than mugging them to get good grades. Their vision is to nurture confident and morally strong individuals who do well in life and prove an asset to society. 

New International School of Japan

This school offers quality education to children from different nationalities, giving them multilingual coursework and multi-age education. Even students from different cultural backgrounds experience a smoother transition. They adapt to the new environment conveniently. They focus on developing and maintaining social and academic skills in students by providing them with a favourable atmosphere for growth. If you are an ex-pat living with your family in Japan, you can opt for the New International School of Japan.

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United School of Tokyo

UST is a reliable and renowned school in Japan, where families and educators work collaboratively to raise learned and confident individuals. They have three divisions, namely kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Moreover, the school has a child-centric approach. It focuses on building or improving creative skills in them. They get equal opportunities to explore different aspects, like sports, performing arts, and other co-curricular activities. The best part is their multinational and multicultural student groups from different countries, giving children a chance to get familiar with the global community. 

Axis International School

Low student-teacher ratio, excellent academic scores, focus on character development, and international standard curriculum are the few things that make Axis one of the best schools in Japan. Their students experience stimulating field trips, engaging learning activities, and an English-speaking environment, making them future-ready. They also conduct an annual test to check whether their students perform well academically. In addition, they learn multiple languages, holy books, and concepts that help them do well in life and be an asset to society.

Though there are countless other options available for IB schools in Japan, choosing one from this list would prove fruitful. You can gather more information from their websites and decide which one would work for your child. After enrolling children in the best school, no parent will ever have to bother about the quality of education their children get. All they need to do is choose the best school and give a promising start to their child’s educational journey. 


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