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How to Make Your Custom Board Game Boxes Last Longer?

This article reminds me of how much board games are beloved by all of us and how much fun we have playing them with our friends and families. However, not every game can be transported to your game night table without experiencing a few beatings that are bound to see some of the boxes and components get damaged. 

In this guide, we will look at some tips that we can use to practice the ideal ways of protecting and preserving board game boxes so that they may stay in perfect condition for some time.

Investing In Custom Board Game Boxes

If you are interested in learning more about how to ensure that your board games are safeguarded, considering acquiring  wholesale custom board game boxes is paramount. Such resourceful boxes are uniquely contoured to give your game a perfect fit reducing the impact of shock during storage and transit. For board games that are a bit larger or have more complex requirements, it can be challenging to find affordable packaging in Canada.

Opt for Sturdy Materials

Some of the most important parts of a board game are not the actual pieces and the board, but the box that contains it all. While selecting the packaging material, it is better to go for physically hefty material like thick cardboard or corrugated board. These materials provide ultimate protection against subsequent impacts and moisture and thus can help protect your games from harm. In addition, it is equally important to look for a better box that has reinforced corners and edges to minimize wear and tear damage.

Proper Storage is Key

Storage is very important to avoid any harm coming to the board game boxes so that it doesn’t affect the appearance or conditions of the boxes. As for the furniture keep them in a cool, dry place, and expose the furniture to direct sunlight or moist air. It is also important not to place some heavy items on your game boxes as this can lead to the said boxes being crushed and deformed. It is worth the time and potentially the money to consider buying some shelving or storage bins meant for board games to help with organization and storage.

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Handle with Care

Being boxes mainly used to contain board games, then it is very important to handle and store them carefully to avoid any kind of damage. Sometimes it is advisable to lift and carry them from the bottom rather than do it from the top to avoid bending the box or having it fold on itself. Do not drag or slide them over furniture, apparel or any other surface type as this leads to abrasiveness. Also, pay attention to easy breakages such as sharp edges or abrasive against the neighbouring boxes which may cause a puncture in the box or rip the same depending on the material used to construct the boxes.

Consider Protective Packaging

If you are looking for even more security, you can make use of protective materials like bubble wrap or foam inserts to provide additional protection for your custom retail packaging boxes while on the move. These materials also act as a safeguard against various forces like impacts, and vibrations and hence, are very useful in protecting products that are delicate such as game boards and miniatures. Most board game packaging providers in Canada offer these as some of their services for designing and manufacturing custom packaging solutions.

Regular Maintenance

In this way, if you want your board game boxes to remain in very good condition always, you should ensure that you maintain them properly at all times. Check them occasionally to ascertain their fitness for use or the presence of signs of wear and tear, for instance, dents, tears or signs of water damage. Sometimes, problems come up and if left unresolved it gets worse so better fix any problems as soon as possible. Also, consider changing the boxes that can be torn, or broken to be replaced by new ones to have the best collection of games to use for your league.

Explore Wholesale Options

If you are looking for larger board game boxes that can accommodate many boxes at once, opting for custom board game boxes wholesale is going to be helpful. You still get discounted prices without having to worry if all of your games are protected safely because they are packed properly. Currently, many suppliers in Canada are willing to provide this service at an affordable wholesale price for bespoke board game packaging.


This article will provide you with a few tips on how to maintain your board game collection and ensure they are safe and protected. Applying the aforementioned techniques, your board game boxes will stay damage-free for a long time. No matter if you decide to go for custom-made cases, hard materials, or protective boxes – it is always wise to take precautions that will help protect your games and keep you happy while playing, as well as the others who join you for game nights.

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