How to find Xbox code on TV?

How to find Xbox code on TV?

Ah, the Xbox app – a magical portal to your gaming world, letting you remotely control your console, download games, and stay connected with friends. But before you unleash its power, you might stumble upon a cryptic request: How to get code for Xbox app? Fear not, fellow gamer, for this guide will be your shining beacon!

Why Use the Xbox App?

Think of the Xbox app as your ultimate gaming sidekick. It lets you:

Remotely control your console: Power on your Xbox, launch games, and even navigate menus – all from your phone or tablet. Perfect for those times you want to prep your next adventure while chilling on the couch.

Download games on the go: No more waiting by the TV for downloads to finish. Browse the Xbox Store on your mobile device, purchase a game and it’ll be ready to play when you turn on your console. Instant gratification, achieved!

Stay connected with friends: See what your gamer buddies are up to, send messages, and even join parties – all without needing the console. Never miss a beat in the social gaming world.

The Wonderful World of Xbox Codes

There are actually two types of codes you might encounter when dealing with the Xbox app and your console:

Setup code: This one-time code appears during the initial setup process when you first connect your Xbox to the app. It acts as a handshake, ensuring you’re linking the right console to your account.

Remote features code: This code enables you to use specific remote features within the app, like streaming gameplay directly to your mobile device. It’s optional, but unlocks a whole new level of convenience.

The benefits of using the app are clear, but how do you actually get your hands on these codes? Buckle up, for the next section will unveil the secrets!

Steps to Snag that Sweet Xbox Code

Finding the Setup Code:

Power on your Xbox: Make sure your console is fully booted up and displaying the home screen.

Download the Xbox app: If you haven’t already, head over to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the free Xbox app.

Launch the app: Open the Xbox app on your phone or tablet.

Sign in: Use your Microsoft account credentials to log in to the app.

Set up a console (if it’s your first time): If you’re a new user, the app will prompt you to “Set up a console.” Go ahead and select that option.

Behold! The code appears: On your Xbox screen, you’ll see a glorious code displayed. This is your setup code!

Snagging the Remote Features Code

Navigate to settings: On your Xbox console, grab your controller and head to “Settings.”

Device & connections: Dive into the “Device & connections” menu.

Remote features: Select “Remote features.”

Enable remote features: If it’s not already enabled, toggle on “Enable remote features.”

Get the code: You’ll see a new option to “Get the code.” Select it, and voila! Your remote features code is revealed on the screen.

Once you have the code, simply enter it into the corresponding field within the Xbox app during the setup or remote features activation process.  Follow the app’s instructions, and boom – your Xbox and mobile device will be happily connected!


There you have it, adventurers! With this knowledge, you can easily conquer the “how to get code for Xbox app” hurdle. Now, go forth, unleash the power of the app, and dominate your gaming world with newfound convenience!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see a code on my Xbox screen!

Double-check that you’re following the correct setup steps mentioned above. If you’re still stuck, try restarting your Xbox and app, and ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Can I use the Xbox app without a code?

Yes, you can access some basic features of the app without a code, like browsing the Xbox Store. However, functionalities like remote control and streaming require the setup or remote features code.


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