Factors That Impact Endometrial Thickness and What They Mean

The inability to conceive can leave you with devastation, especially when you don’t know the real cause of it. The right approach to identify the cause of infertility is to consult a doctor at the best IVF centre in Moga. A doctor will assess your body thoroughly to detect any issues that are contributing to infertility, including the thickness of the endometrial lining. The endometrial lining is an important element that leads to successful pregnancy. Excessive thickness or thinning can incur problems in conception. It is essential to manage this condition at an early stage to prevent pregnancy issues. Incorporating changes in lifestyle and certain medications can help to manage the condition. With property medical assistance, you may be able to conceive successfully

Understanding Endometrial Thickness

The inner lining of the uterine wall is known as endometrium. The adequate thickness of the endometrial lining required for pregnancy is maintained by certain female hormones, including oestrogen and progesterone. The thickness of the endometrium continues to change through the menstrual cycle. 

Measuring Endometrial Thickness

The thickness of the endometrial lining is determined through:

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Transvaginal Ultrasound

In this method, the health care provider at the best IVF centre in Punjab inserts a small tube in the uterus through the vagina with the help of a flexible tube. The device radiates sound waves to assess the condition of the lining. It is a quick and pain-free process to determine the health of the endometrial lining. 


This procedure involves the use of a camera to determine the endometrial lining thickness at the best IVF centre in Moga. This procedure is also pain free and quick, however, it may cause some discomfort when the tube is inserted and extracted but there is nothing to worry about. 

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Some medical conditions do not allow the insertion of a tube to assess the uterine lining. In these cases, your healthcare provider at the best IVF Centre in Punjab may conduct a sonohysteroscopy. Under this process, the doctor assesses the uterine cavity during a sonogram by injecting a saline saline solution. You may experience cramping occasionally during the procedure, which will disappear after a few days. Painkillers can help you manage the pain during this time.   

Factors Affecting Endometrial Thickness

Numerous factors contribute to the abnormality of endometrial thickness: 

Hormonal Influences

Endometrial thickness can be the result of hormonal imbalance with excessive levels of oestrogen and low level of progesterone. The thinning is the result of low levels of oestrogen and excessive progesterone. 

Medical Conditions

  • Age: the endometrial lining begins to thin as the woman reaches the stage of menopause.
  • Prolonged Treatment: The treatments such as endometrial hyperplasia or any other prolonged medication can affect the thickness of endometrial lining. 
  • Chronic Endometritis.
  • Endometrial TB.
  • Asherman Syndrome.
  • PCOD: The level of oestrogen stays below normal if the eggs do not mature. This results in the thinning of the terrine lining. 
  • Iatrogenic- Repeated DNCs.
  • Idiopathic.
  • Endometriosis: Endometrial lining forming outside the uterus.

Reasons For Endometrial Thickness

  • PCOS: It may decrease exposure to progestin, resulting in the prevention of lining shedding. 
  • Perimenopause: The perimenopause stage may cause irregular ovulation, resulting in a decline in progesterone levels. 
  • Breast or Ovarian Cancer Medications: A drug that is used to manage breast cancer known as tamoxifen mimics oestrogen. During the treatment, if you did not receive progesterone support, it may cause the uterine lining to be unusually thick. 

In case of a family history of reproductive cancers or PCOS/PCOD, you may be more likely to experience endometrial issues. Additional reasons may include smoking, drinking, obesity and anorexia.

Medication and Treatment for Endometrial Thickness

Incorporating changes in lifestyle, such as eating a balanced diet, regular and moderate exercise, and stress-reducing activities, can significantly influence endometrial health. Healthy care experts at IVF centre consider these lifestyle changes as a part of treatment for fertility. This endometrial lining can make it difficult to conceive and can lead to miscarriages. Correct chikess of the lining provides developmental support to the baby. 

Some of the most popular treatments that enhance fertility and endometrial health include: 

  • Hormonal therapy.
  • Treatment for thickened endometrium.
  • Endometrial scratching.
  • Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) 

Your reproductive health and the thickness of the endometrial lining cannot be assessed at home. Therefore, it is ideal for you to contact a doctor at the best IVF centre in Amritsar to thoroughly assess your overall health condition. The doctor can help you detect a condition that may obstruct your path to pregnancy early. Along with medical assistance, it is also crucial to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes that will increase the chances of successful conception.


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