6 precautionary measures to avoid facing the devastating situation – STILLBIRTH

Stillbirth – The devastating condition for the mothers

Stillbirth is described as the most difficult condition for the mothers because, in this condition, the baby dies before he or she is born (usually in the 24th week of the pregnancy). According to the fertility specialists of the IVF centre in Punjab, “In the UK, no more than 1 in 250 births results in stillbirth.”

No doubt, it is difficult for biological science to know about all the causes of stillbirth, but yes the doctors have gained enough knowledge to make the patient prevent stillbirth. One of Punjab’s most veteran doctors practising in the infertility clinic in Bathinda is of the view that:

“Stillbirth is associated with so many risk factors. If somehow, these risks could be eliminated then stillbirth can be prevented.”


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  • Do not miss out on any ANTENATAL APPOINTMENT

The mothers should be mandated never to miss any kind of antenatal appointment. Several tests and measurements are accountable for measuring the potential problems that need to be performed at specific times.

Key Point

When you will be going out for your appointments, then you will get double benefits as the midwife attending you will make you acquainted with some pieces of the relevant needed information which you should have being a mother-To-Be.

  • Be active with exercising and healthy eating

When you are pregnant (irrespective of the month or the trimester), you must take care of your lifestyle. Make sure that it is healthy.

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  • You should never miss doing physical activity every day
  • You should keep on consuming the healthy food

Food cravings are a natural phenomenon in pregnancy. Pregnant women should not avoid them and eat what they are carving for but in small quantities.

Usually, women crave tangy things like Golgappas, chaat-papdi, aam-papad etc.

  • It’s a no smoking, Period

If you are pregnant and you want to have the baby ( the sunshine of your life), then it’s high time that you quit smoking. If you find yourself addicted to it, then you can surely join, “Stop Smoking Programmes”.

  • Alcohol is equally bad

The women who take this essential factor of avoiding the consumption of alcohol for granted have been observed to suffer from miscarriage and other infertility issues.

  • Do not sleep on your back

According to the findings of the fertility specialists, if a woman sleeps on her back even after the 28 weeks of the pregnancy, then the flow of the blood and oxygen to the baby can be severely affected.

This is the main reason that the doctors always suggest that you sleep on the side when you are pregnant.

  • Do not

I repeat, do not take the street drugs

If you are the one who used to (earlier) or currently consuming the street drugs like the following, then for the sake of your baby, you are suggested to leave them:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin


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